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Let us help you. 

In your time of need, we are here for you. We are here to fight for you, and we won't stop until we've done everything we can to make sure you receive the compensation your are entitled to recover. 


We can meet with you at any of our office locations, over the phone, or virtually.




You don't pay for legal services unless we win you money for your case.



We front all case expenses, including healthcare costs, filing fees, experts, and more.

While our license allows us to practice any area of law, we have dedicated ourselves to the practice of helping injured texans find the right representation for their injuries. 

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicles are apart of daily life, and accidents happen, which could could have been avoided. When a accident occurs to you, you will have to make decisions about what is best for you, and a skilled attorney can be helpful in these situations.

Worker in safety shoes stepping on nails on board wood In the construction area.jpeg
Workplace Accident

Workplaces are different for everyone. They can be very risky or they can appear to be safe. Unfortunately, accidents can, and still do, occur, even in the safest environments. If you are injured on the job, you will be faced with many decisions about how to pursue your future compensation, and an attorney can help make sure you get what you deserve. 

Wrongful Death

In the event that your loved one was the victim of fatal accident or incident, we would advise you to contact an attorney as promptly as possible, whether it's us or another attorney. When the loss of life is at stake, an attorney skilled in these types of disputes can be helpful. 


What our clients say about us

Ramon represented me when literally no one else would.  When you see the billboard signs, hear the radio commercials and see the ads on TV for other law firms promising to get you what you deserve, they don't mention they will not take your case if it isn't lucrative enough for the firm.  I searched for over a year for a law firm after sustaining major injuries sustained in a head on collision.  Every firm I reached out to refused to represent me after learning the party at fault only had the minimum coverage required.  Ramon took my case and pursued the responsible party for not only the insurance pay out, but additional compensation from their personal savings.  If you want a firm that will actually work for you, give the Law Offices of Ramon Rodriguez a call.

-Lance Preston Foshee

Mr. Rodriguez was extraordinary in his efforts in a real estate matter in 2018 that required a bench trial.  His thoroughness and presentation were exemplary.  The judge found all of the information and the findings were in my favor. Mr. Rodriguez was always courteous, professional, and efficient in his efforts on my behalf.

- Dr. Laura McClintock

My elderly father desperately needed legal counsel and guidance due to an extremely complex and difficult legal situation involving two other parties. These two groups of people were trying to take more than their share of an inheritance that mostly belonged to my father. My father and mother were barely surviving financially through their social security checks and could not afford an attorney. Mr. Ramon Rodriguez with his legal team agreed to help my father and work without payment until my father was able to make payments for their legal services. I can attest to the character of Counselor Ramon Rodriguez. He was true to his word to my father in protecting and securing the best possible outcome. Mr. Rodriguez's knowledge of the law was incredible, and the arguments he constructed were solid and based upon legal truth. In the end, Mr. Ramon Rodriguez rightfully advised my father to weigh the legal costs of continuing in what could be a lengthy court battle or finding a point where mediation could bring the best financial outcome for my father. Ramon was always transparent, letting us know the costs upfront and periodically sending itemized bills showing the breakdown of costs. Even though my father couldn't pay the bill immediately, Ramon continued to fight for him and in the end negotiated an incredible settlement that was very fair and beneficial to my father. Hopefully, we won't ever need a lawyer again, but if we do, Mr. Ramon Rodriguez will be my lawyer of choice in the future. I highly recommend him as being transparent, honest and doing what is best for his clients according to his incredible knowledge of the law.

- Jonathan O'Dowd


Where you can find our lawyers



5675 Woodrow Bean

Suite 5

El Paso, Texas 79924 

Downtown Office

221 N Kansas St., Suite 700

El Paso, Texas 79901

East Side Office

2300 George Dieter Dr

El Paso, Texas 79936

West Side Office

7362 Remcon Cir

El Paso, Texas 79912

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